Kids to Grids online training is a series of videos followed by Q&A's. Best of all, it's free to use for all youth competitors and their parents/guardians!

The online portion of the program is broken into three levels being; Beginner, Further Development & High Performance. As the name suggests, the first level is designed for people brand new to the sport or those attending ‘have a go’ type events. This flows through to the High Performance module focusing on in-depth information for established youth competitors.

How to get started

1.   Simply click on the relevant module below and you will be taken through to the training platform. 

2.   Sign up for the training platform.

3.   Enrol in the Kids to Grids module that you are interested in completing.

4.   Once you're finished, you'll receive a certificate of completion which you can save to your computer. 

At track training sessions

The online portion of Kids to Grids training will be supported by at track training sessions, led by approved coaches. The goal of KTG is to establish a coach at each venue or area throughout the country. For more information on becoming a coach, visit the coaching page here.

Currently a plan is in place for Beginners Training Sessions to be conducted, for brand new competitors, with other sessions for existing competitors to be implemented over time. The coaching manual for KTG is a working document which will be adjusted over time subject to feedback from both parents and coaches. You can view the current Youth Coaching Manual here, or via the Resources page.

Beginners Coaching Trial

We are hosting a training trial for beginner drivers in Karratha, WA on Friday 2nd April. View this update for more information.