Kids to Grids Easter in Karratha


We’re excited to announce that our first at-track training session trial for Kids to Grids will take place over Easter weekend at Nickol Bay Speedway in Karratha, WA. With the track set to host the SSA Western Australia Junior Sedan Title, it marks the perfect opportunity to develop the training.

Speedway Australia will visit the title and host the at-track trial on the morning of Friday 2nd April. Although already published, the KTG Coaching Manual will be a live document throughout the early stages of this year, with these trial events helping to develop the program further. Future local coaches will host the session, with assistance from Speedway Australia. Witnessing the live testing of the coaching manual, in the hands of knowledgeable local speedway personnel, will allow us to identify points of improvement ahead of further trials in the coming months. As mentioned previously, the goal of these at-track trials is to further build out the coaching side of KTG, with a plan to rollout the training nationwide later in the year.

Speedway Australia encourages any youth new to the sport who are attending the state title event, to get in touch about attending this FREE session ahead of practice at Easter. Additionally, any families with other children that may be looking to start in the sport can participate in this session subject to being at least 10 years old, having the correct fitting safety gear, either a day licence or full licence and the use of a SSA Junior Sedan.

More information on the session (including timings) will be available in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in the session, please contact our Youth Development Officer James Hadley via