What's in the 'Kids to Grids' beginner level?

With the launch of the new Kids to Grids website, we have seen a fantastic uptake in the amount of youth and parents utilising the platform. It’s important for all clubs and venues to promote this new FREE service to any youth as it will ease the workload for volunteers handling new drivers at events.

If you haven’t had a chance to look through the program, it is divided into three tiers, each focusing on different aspects of the sport. The most important level is that for beginners, which will help speed up the learning process and knowledge base of rookie drivers.

Topics in the beginner level include;
• Program introduction
• Licensing & memberships
• Race gear
• Flags & Raceceiver’s
• Driver fitment
• Speedway terms & keywords
• Track conditions
• Basic car control
• The role of parents
• Respect for coaches
• First race meeting guide

In addition to the above topics, there is also the ability for the competitor to select a ‘class specific controls’ video (as seen in the photo) relevant to class they’re driving. This shows them the very basic controls and things to be aware of when operating their race car or kart. Competitors are also able to go back and complete multiple of these if they race more than one class. 

Make sure to use the child’s name during sign up on the KTG platform. If not, it will affect the name on their certificate when completed. Of course, parents are encouraged to also use the platform either shadowing their child’s progress, or separately.